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Our Story


Constellations Press was launched in Buckinghamshire in 2023 to discover and publish exceptional books. Our interests cover fiction, memoir and essays. Surely the reason we read is the same reason we fall in love: to move from the self into something more vividly imagined, more capacious than life previously offered. At Constellations Press we prize writing that is willing to take risks, is fresh and exciting, and provides us with original ways of looking at the world. We are committed to bringing new and emerging authors to contemporary audiences with books that are beautifully imagined and elegantly produced.


Claire Steele

Claire Steele trained as an editor with Phaidon Press and has worked as a freelance editor, university lecturer, creative writing tutor and mentor.

She is the founder of Magical Journeys writing workshops and retreats, and also of Constellations Creative, a bespoke ten-month writing course.


Jill Glenn

Jill Glenn has worked as a features writer, magazine editor and editorial consultant for over 30 years.

She is currently writing a novel and working on a collection of short stories. She also has ex
perience of bookselling, so understands the industry from inception to marketing.

​Claire and Jill also run Constellations Literary Consultancy, which offers editing, mentoring and author support services.

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