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Eagle Sister by Sue Turbett

When the gods unite a child of the earth with a child of the sky, a powerful alliance is unleashed, but can it survive betrayal, revenge, love and war?


ISBN: 978-1917000017

Page Count: 308

Eagle Sister

  • Eagle Sister by Sue Turbett

    Living in an insecure and brutal landscape of ceaseless inter-tribal warring, Gulzura is voiceless and powerless and can only dream of adventure. When she rescues a baby eagle and discovers she can communicate with the orphaned bird, her life changes completely and she is thrust onto a perilous new path ordained by the gods, where the fate of her clan lies in her hands.

    With her Eagle Sister as constant companion and spirit guide, she travels from the Heavenly Mountains to the court of the great warlord Genghis Khan, on a journey fraught with danger and uncertainty.

    Ultimately, to survive and succeed, she must choose between the exhilaration of her quest for power and the peace and security of a powerful first love. But can her eagle sister help her have both?

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